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High Level Protection

BBP-65 Series


S65 Series Dynamax® Sleeves - ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A4, EB388:2003 - 3541

Manufactured by Banom
S65 Series sleeves are made with Dynamax®45 and provide a broad range of  protection in sheet metal, glass, and knife blade applications.  Dynamax®45 is a continuous filament yarn that combines tensile strength  with a yarn hardness. These sleeves are silky soft and cool to wear.      

BBP-57 Series


 Abratex®  Sleeves - For Sheet Metal Only - ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A2, EN388 - 1242

Manufactured by Banom
Abratex® sleeves are designed for use in sheet metal assembly  operations. Abratex® is a continuous filament yarn that works on a  principle of tensile strength.  These sleeves feel silky soft to sensitive skin, yet are tough enough to  withstand the abrasive sharp edges encountered in sheet metal assembly  operations.  These sleeves offer cool, comfortable, and durable protection.  Color coded cuffs indicate length and width in order to make sorting  after laundering easier.  This product is completely latex free.  Abratex® sleeves are not for use near high heat or open flame. S57  Series sleeves should be edge-tested prior to approval for use.      



Arc Rated at 8 Cal/cm2 

Cut Resistant Sleeve, Yellow, 20" Length, Thumb Slot, 

Arc Rated 8 Cal/cm2,  ANSI Level A5